#LeaveNoOneBehind x Business Teshno for Luftbrücke Kabul

More than a year after we started Business Teshno, we're launching our website today. Although our initial plans were different, we feel it is time to act now. When we criticised platforms like Resident Advisor for their lack of support during the BLM protests we had a very small circle of people who were paying attention. But things have changed a bit since then. To this day, we’ve over 8000 people across the globe who care about what we’ve to say and support the idea for a better nightlife industry. We’re aware that it’s easier to complain about things rather than doing something and we’ve been tirelessly trying to push for change behind the scenes. Instead of waiting for bigger platforms like Resident Advisor, Boiler Room and co, we want to take responsibility ourselves and offer help where help is needed. We’ve decided to break our silence for a call to support the people in Afghanistan who desperately need our help now.

Everyone who has followed the news in the past few years won't be surprised by what’s happening in Afghanistan, nor by how certain governments are acting. Our platform might not be big enough to pressure governments to do the right thing but we surely can support people who’re at the forefront of doing the work. Over the last few days, we’ve created a way to raise funds for kabulluftbruecke.de after we had been contacted by friends asking for help. The idea behind kabulluftbruecke.de is to charter flights and save as many people as possible. So the more money gets raised the more people can be saved. Thus, 100% of the proceeds go to kabulluftbruecke.de! Even though we do not feel like we’re a big platform, if people stick together we can make a difference! So please share the post and tell your friend to tell a friend.

If you can’t afford the shirt you can also donate directly to kabulluftbruecke.de.